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  • I Can Do This!!!

    I'm a 73 (almost 74) year old woman, dealing with hypertension for as long as I can remember. It wasn't properly controlled for many years. I'm currently on 3 meds that control it quite well. My cardiologist of 45 years never mentioned kidney damage previously, and didn't do blood work within the last few years and I foolishly never asked.

    3 months ago my cardio changed medical affiliations and advised me he no longer accepts my health plan. My new cardio did an EKG, ECHO and blood work on my first visit in July.

    I was shocked to learn that I have stage 3b kidney disease, high cholesterol, I was borderline diabetic, dehydrated and obese (178 lbs/5 foot 4 inches). My dad had kidney disease, was getting peritoneal dialysis and chose to end his life 30 years ago.

    My new cardio told me to drink a lot of water for the dehydration and have another blood test done in a week to check kidney function. Since I had spent the last year eating nothing but junk food (pizza, Chinese food, lots of egg rolls, tons of desserts) because I was caring for a sick pet and didn't care about myself at that point) I asked the doctor to give me a month. She agreed.

    The next day (July 14) I started a whole food plant-based diet and haven't deviated off the diet once. I began adding grilled chicken or some fish every day or every other day, because I became extremely dizzy and unable to walk when I cut out all animal protein. The same thing happened years ago when I tried wfpb with zero animal protein.

    On August 13 I went for another blood test. In July my GFR was 40 and creatinine 1.49. The August test showed a weight loss of 5 lbs, my GFR improved 2 points to 42 and my creatinine dropped to 1.42.

    I'm scheduled to see a nephrologist on September 27.

    My 6 month goal is to lose 25 more lbs (5 lbs a month) and for each 5 lbs increase my GFR 2 points and decrease my creatinine 7 points.

    The final result by end of December will be:
    Weight - 149
    GFR - 52
    Creatinine - 1.07

    I'm extremely motivation and need all the help, support and advice I can get to reach my goal.

    So sorry for this long post and thank you for listening.