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Recover very low % kidney function

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  • Recover very low % kidney function

    One of my kidney function is showing 9% .another is good.. Is their any possibility to increase kidney function from 9%
    .My doctor told me this kidney already damaged.. No chance to recover.... Pls suggest

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    sorry, my response was not relevant to question-i should read b/4 typing :\
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      Hi I'm new to group on blood test were do you see those numbers. My doctor always says your doing great keep it. One day I'm gonna crack.


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        Find out the creatinine value from ur blood test then go to gfr caclulator to find out where yo r at. gfr calculator:

        If already on dialysis the gfr number tells you how effective ur dialysis is...if before dialysis ur gfr will tell u when u need to start dialysis.

        disclaimer: I have no medical training. I was calculating a great gfr value for me and i talked to nephrologist about it... he said the gfr only says how effective dialysis is after a person starts dialysis.. the 24 hour urine collection test will determine if i still need not on dialysis from kidney disease im on dialysis from a kidney injury which is why i will need 24 hour urine collection to determine if my kidney injury has healed enough to be independent of dialysis. My doc told me. only that gfr value after dialysis only means how good dialysis is...other information i speculated, I think its right, But......make sure u get ur info from a doc.. i just hope i help u determine what questions to ask


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