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How to improve my kidney profile?

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  • temprosamho
    started a topic How to improve my kidney profile?

    How to improve my kidney profile?

    Hi, I am a 59 years old male, around 72kg and 173cm.

    I have hypertension for about 2 years and is on medication. I have been doing health checkups for the past two years and my kidney profile seems to have deteriorated. My creatinine levels have increased from 1.45 to 1.54 (health range is 0.57 - 1.36) and I have some questions about it and I would be grateful if anyone can clarify my doubts - 1. What is the severity of my kidney based on the creatinine (1.54 as of 08/09) levels (eg stage of kidney disease etc) ? 2. Are there any medications I can take to improve my kidney profile or what type of diet should I be following to stop it from worsening?

    Thank you!

    Based on the information you provided, it looks like your eGFR is 49. This number means you could be in Stage 3A kidney disease. It is really important to see a kidney specialist so he or she can rule out or confirm this data. Are you taking meds for your high BP? Is it working? How is your diet? Diet is critical. Please see your MD and get some more information and education. Report back, if possible. I would like to know how you made out and how you are doing.
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