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  • Lifestyle Changes

    Hi we just found out my husband has stage 3 kidney failure and are scared to death. He had diabetes which we thought was under control but apparently not.
    What other lifestyle changes do you recommend to help at this point?

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    I just found out I have stage three and am panicking. I dont have diabetes or high blood pressure. Anything will help


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      Hello Folks,

      First, if you have high BP or high glucose levels, you must get them into the normal range - whatever that takes. For me, it meant lowering my BP with a new med and with daily exercise. Then, I went on the kidney-friendly diet. Just google ??kidney-friendly ??diet, and a million things will come back. Just start reading. Also, there?s a ton of great recipes on this Davita website. Make sure you get together with a nephrologist so s/he can prescribe labs and meds, if needed. I?m still finding my way, too. But, you must be an advocate for yourself with your doctor. Ask many questions because the healthcare providers are indispensable.


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        Hi, I'm a ckd 3A patient diagnosed last Feb. 2018. I'm only 32 years old back then. Both my parents have hypertension and I inherited it. I had been experiencing awful migraines since college and didn't pay attention to my high blood pressure readings years before 2018. Now here I am with ckd and hypertension maintenance meds. Had to make drastic food intake changes since then. I lost lots of kilos, I'm now just 48kgs. I stopped eating pork and beef. My protein is now only from chicken breast and fish. Most times I eat veggies. I'm working on controlling my sugar intake, altho I never was a fan of soda or sweet beverages. I eat sugar-free desserts sometimes. The problem is, my last check up and labs was a year ago. Because of the lockdown and danger, I'm afraid to enter hospitals/clinics. I still continue my hypertension meds tho and guard my diet. Please help me with your tips on how I can prevent my ckd to progress. Thank you!


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          I just found out a few months ago I have stage 3A kidney disease. I drastically changed my diet, lowered my blood pressure with meds, but my last test was still lower. I need to exercise more but walking is difficult due to severe arthritis. I would appreciate tips about things that work for you because the changes I have made are not working.


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            Sonia, Hi everyone I was just told i have stage 3 kidney disease. I have diabetes and hypertension. I am very afraiid. How do you mange the stress? i told my family and their feedback was you just have to eat better. Thing is, i have been eating better. I d on not eat meat,and have been watching my other intakes.


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