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Surprise!!! I have stage 3 ckd.

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  • Surprise!!! I have stage 3 ckd.

    I have never before had any real problems with my Kidneys. One time, about 20 years ago, I had a kidney stone. I had to see a doctor every 3 months for my thyroid, arthritis, and degenerative joints. Every 3 months they were taking blood from me, but no one ever said anything about my kidneys. Then about 6 1/2 years ago I had breast cancer. they tested my blood before every chemo treatment, and still nothing was said about my kidneys. That was in California. I moved to Oklahoma to be closer to my sister, and instantly the doctors picked up on my creatin level. Imagine my surprise when they told me I have stage 3 ckd. And then they tell me that my left kidney is dead. As I try to understand the new problem I have, and realize that I don't know Sh@t about nutrition. All this started this last year. In August I felt this incredible pain in my gut, I thought it was the worst constipation ever. It got to the point that I couldn't eat much, and half of that I threw back up. At the time, I was at my nieces house, in another state, and decided to wait and see if it would get better. It didn't. I go to the ER where they order a CT scan, and SURPRISE, it wasn't constipation, it was my dead left kidney. It had been collecting fluid and is 20 centimeters by 15 centimeters, and is currently occupying the left side of my abdomen, while pushing everything that belongs there to the right, including my aorta. You know, I used to like surprises, but now, not so much.

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    Hi, what a time you have had!!!

    I want you to know I too only have one kidney, removed 2012 due to cancer. I'm fine, watch my diet, exercise, and drink 1/2 my body weight in filtered water daily. Protein is the kidney's worst enemy if you eat too much. I now have removed all foods that don't come from the ground, fish, dark meat chicken, once in a blue moon I'll have a high quality hamburger...' little to no red fats on the meat. Also, fish, salmon, farm raised. Watch your iron level to not become anemic.

    If you continue to have stomach issues and are taking Prilosec, stop! Take zantac instead...I use cvs 'zantac'. No over the counter meds until you check with your nephrologist, kidney specialist. To know what to eat, request a referral to a renal dietitian. There is a Huge Amount you can do in stage three to prolong your kidney health.

    And, if it helps you, many people are not dx'd until stage's Very Frustrating! Most times nephrologists will say every 6 months..blood tests one week before you have your apt. If you are at the beginning, to get a 'true gfr' you'll need a 24hr urine collection, creatinine tells how your kidney is filtering toxins, gfr is your level of kidney might also want to get a complete thyroid test done, as this too can be effected by kidney health....the kidney regulates so much in your body. If you are still getting sick...use baby electrolytes to rehydrate...believe it or not, they sell this at my local dollar store...'same' ingredients as full prices name brand...if you get sick more than two or three times in a week, or are not moving your bowel for 4 days(
    or so,
    when dehydrated the body will pull fluids from your bowels first) call your dr to get a referral for IV fluids from hospital...there is ""Nothing Worse"" for your kidney to not have enough fluids...

    I try to post daily about kidney stuff in the intro section "stage three",...

    Best of Luck To You!! ml

    Forgot to say request a 3 month visit, get a ""hard copy of all your blood work results"" EVERY time you get testing done....and save it so you'll have a base line, and if you go to a nutrition to get diet, bring the blood testing with you because they base your needs for protein on your bun level. My nephrologist failed to tell me when my kidney function started to decline until I got to stage 4.
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      What do you eat for protein? I'm just starting this journey and trying to eat only wfpb but a few days without grilled chicken mixed into my salad or some tuna and I get so dizzy and disoriented that I can't function. As soon as I eat some animal protein I'm completely fine. I've always had this reaction to completely cutting out animal protein. Thanks.