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Use of baking soda to treat kidneys

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  • Use of baking soda to treat kidneys

    there is a lot of information about use of baking soda to treat kidneys, it seems like a contradiction as the diet prescribed to kidney patients avoids foods with and the use of baking soda. Has anyone used this sucessfully! I would like to try it

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    i dont thnk so i know in the machine it gives us sodium bicarb which is like baking soda. i knw when i was anemic i love eating baking soda and have a sprite next to me .


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      i use baking soda substitute ..... no sod, pot, carb,
      ordered from enter-g foods inc. on internet or 18003315222


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        My aunt who has kidney disease told me to drink a glass of water with spoon of baking soda and spoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day it helps me deal with the heart burn and pain of my kidneys rejecting my splurge. Mentioned to doctor just yesterday in appointment and he laughed making comment saying do I foam in mouth but he didn’t say don’t do it. I can tell you it makes you burp a lot giving you relief. Even my husband who doesn’t have ckd has been doing it with me lol the bad is it tastes really bad lol but worth it to feeling relief.