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Understanding Number Discrepancy

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  • Understanding Number Discrepancy

    I am 65 and my last blood test showed my creatinine at 1.17 and my eGFR at 50. When I enter my creatinine, age, gender & ethnicity into the calculator here it puts my GFR at 32. I don't understand ... is there a difference between eGFR and GFR. Can someone explain please? Thank you.

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    You may want to try the GFR Calculator again. Using the data you provided and guessing sex to be female, race non-African American, the result I get is 49%. A higher result is calculated when I change race and sex. The DaVita calculator is an eGFR result which is based on age, sex, creatinine and race.


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      Yes ... 50% is what my last bloodwork showed, I don't want to be 32% ... yikes! Nope, I went back and did it again selections 65, female, non-african and it comes back at 32% and says Stage 3a ... but I don't think 32% would be Stage 3a. Is the calculator messed up?
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        Is the creatinine 1.17? I am still getting 49% with the above data.


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