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medication to help with sleep

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  • medication to help with sleep

    My nephrologist said that any medication my doctor wanted to prescribe to help with sleep would not hurt my kidneys. I had been taking Klonopin to help me sleep for years, but it suddenly stopped working. Is anyone taking prescription sleeping med that works well. Thank you.

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    Weed helps me. I'm in Colorado. There's a CBD, CBN, Indica mix. Works wonders


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        Everyone benefits from a good night's sleep. If you continue to have trouble sleeping, talk to your health care provider. In addition to lifestyle changes, your provider might recommend behavior therapy. This type of therapy may help you learn new sleep habits and ways to make your sleeping environment more conducive to sleep. In some cases, short-term use of prescription sleep aids might be recommended as well.
        Sleep aids: Not a magic cure
        Sleep aids, spades available without a prescription can be effective for an occasional sleepless night. There are a few caveats, however.
        Most sleep aids available without a prescription contain antihistamines. Tolerance to the sedative effects of antihistamines can develop quickly. The longer you take them, the less likely they are to make you sleepy.
        In addition, some sleep aids available without a prescription can leave you feeling groggy and unwell the next day. This is the so-called hangover effect.
        Medication interactions are possible as well, and much remains unknown about the safety and effectiveness of sleep aids available without a prescription.
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