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Cholesterol tablets with Kidney Disease

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  • Cholesterol tablets with Kidney Disease

    Hi folks

    Please could anyone tell me if taking statins could have an affect on kidney function (GFR)?

    I was first prescribed Simvastastins 40mg in November2012 last year, but due to awful leg cramps my Dr told me to leave them for the time being (about 6 weeks into taking them).

    I had a follow up app with bloods at my Dr's in Feb 2012, and my cholesterol was at good level at 4.7 (UK readings), and my GFR also rised was then at 55GFR (before that it was 51, 50 and 52gfr (Tests since last May 2012).
    Anyway, my Dr said she would like to see further good readings before considering reducing or taking me off statins, so she put me on another one called Pravastatins also at 40mg.

    No probs and no cramps, (was also diagnosed with CKD) possibly due to blood pressure in Feb as well.
    But last week had my routine labs (fastings) again excellent result on the cholesterol, but my GFR reduced 7 points from 55 gfr to 48GFR.
    I am gutted about that.
    Then I hear that taking statins may affect kidney functioning.

    So basically wondered if anyone else experienced this, or know anything of this.

    (I will of course contact my Dr about my concerns) but thought I would still post up to ask whilst awaiting my appointment.

    Thanks in advance x

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    I would also like to know about this.


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