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Am I in danger?

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  • Am I in danger?

    I had my pre-visit labs drawn last week, all the electrolytes were bad, and my GFR was only 15 ( a five-point drop). My Endocrinologist ordered a new BMP. My Nephrologist phoned me about those results because she said I had critical lab values. GFR went down to 13. I saw the Nephrologist a few days later and she told me that it was my Addison's disease causing the drop. She told me to rest, eat lots of salt, and I had another lab draw done.
    I got the results from that lab Sunday and my GFR is 10. sodium was a bit better, but BUN and creatinine were worse. I was told that if I feel bad I should go to the ER. I went to the ER. They tested my labs there and told me that yes, they are bad, but there is nothing we can do. I went home. My husband is very upset right now. He wants me to call all the docs. I'm too exhausted to fight.right now. I will have a Kidney Function Test once a week for the next 4 weeks. If there are still problems I think she will see me and set me up for dialysis. Is it okay to live with a GFR of 10 for a little while?.

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    Hi Oclalagal,

    How are you doing? I don't have any answers to your questions. I was just diagnosed with Kidney Failure on June 21. So I am mostly trying to work with the
    Kidney Diet.

    Have you received help from your Doctor?

    GFR 29, Creatinine 174
    Stage 4


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      I hope both of you are doing better.


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