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  • Vitamin Advice Needed

    I am a 63 year old woman. My recent blood test came back higher than the previous years where my creatinine was stable at 1.14 in 2017 through 2019. Now it is up to 1.27. I have been doing some research and ordered some cookbooks. I am also low in Vitamin D (23.3) and Vitamin B12 (163). The information I find on the internet for vitamins in relation to CKD is confusing. I want to improve these vitamin deficiencies without harming my kidneys further. What are recommendations for vitamins for this situation?
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    I was on prescribed vitamin D for a couple of months, I think mine was at 15? It was pretty low. With the prescription, it did improve, and the doctor told me to keep taking the vitamin d with calcium that you can find over the counter(by counter mean you can find them here easily). It improved my mood some, but not nearly as much as I hoped it would.
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      my doctor recommended prenatal vitamins i purchased Garden of life prenatal vitamins


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        You should ask for advice from your doctor.
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          My husband is recently diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease. He also has several other serious illnesses. His kidney doctor just came in the room, gave him his diagnosis, and walked out again. His nurse hurriedly gave us a sheet of foods to avoid. On that list was "all nutritional supplements." It seems to me that is entirely too broad, but I can't find good reliable information either. We don't know who to trust. Obviously, our doctor is not the best, and we're trying to figure out how to find someone who isn't either a psychopath or entirely too overworked -- from our perspective, it's all the same because we got NO advice whatsoever.

          I'll be watching this thread. Thank you for asking my question!


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