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Being sick with CKD

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  • Being sick with CKD

    I have Stage 4 kidney disease (IgA Nephropathy). I get sick easily with colds and viruses. OTC medicines are avoided because I'm taking a bunch of medicines including ACE inhibitors for my blood pressure, steroids, fish oil, supplements, etc. Plus most OTC medicines are not good for those with high blood pressure except for those made specifically for HBP. I currently have a bad cough with congestion in chest and sinus and a sore throat. What's a good way to help treat symptoms without harming my kidneys? I know I can't drink too much and I rest as much as I can. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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    I have bad allergies and take several kind of medicines. If you are sneezing and don't have a fever, you could also have allergies. I would ask your doctor. I take two kinds of nose sprays and can take non-decongestants. I take generic Clarinex and Benadryl without any problems. I also take medication to prevent asthma, But each of us are different so asking a doctor is always the best advice.


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      If I'm Really clogged up, I'll use warm steam and breath in through my nose, helps to loosen things up so I can blow my nose and clear it.
      A "netty pot" is a way you can de-clog naturally.