Hello all.. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. My hubby has the CKD Stage 3B, not myself. He works full time 10 - 12 hours a day, I do the shopping and meals, recently disabled. It has taken me a good year to figure out how to stay within his renal guidelines for his meals, and I will say it has been like a part time job. He works hard and gets hungry, trying to fullfill him and satisfy him has been hard. He likes the meals, he just runs out of sodium points and still wants to keep eating! Now a new problem which I am lost at.. he starts radiation for his cancer in his prostate, going to kick cancer to the curb starting 1st of Feb. My concerns are his new dietary limitations. . for 9 weeks of radiation he can have NO gas in his belly. This means illiminating ALL foods that are gassy, eggs, beans, onions, peppers, so many fruits,sweet potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower.. so many vegteables. I am a nervous wreck figuring out 9 weeks of meals! Anyone else have a secondary diet issue and how do you plan? He works construction, a very phyical job..he needs to be nourished and fed. Between the limitations of the renal diet foods and now the gassy foods... I am feeling overwhelmed. Thanks in advance