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Weight gain and Bystolic

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  • Mograndmother
    started a topic Weight gain and Bystolic

    Weight gain and Bystolic

    My Dr. recently took me off lisinopril because of my kidney disease and put me on Bystolic. I had lost 67 pounds in the previous months but find on the Bystolic eating very few calories I am sitting on the same weight now for a month. I know Bystolic can cause weight gain but was wondering how long this side effect lasts, do you eventually quit retaining or gaining weight? It is very discouraging since I still need to lose a fair amount of weight. My calories are so low now I cannot eat less. Any ideas?

  • realsis
    I understand your frustration. I feel very swollen and bloated but yes it eventually stabilizes . But loosing it seems impossible. Its so much fluid weight. It can be depressing. I tell myself that at least im here and try not to dwell on the weight gain. I do understand how you are feeling though. Hang in there and it will stabilize out a bit. Dont worry you are not alone. Best wishes.

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