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  • Overwhelmed

    I am struggling with my kidney diet restrictions- I am stage 3b and the doctor has limited my protein intake to 40 grams per day, low sodium, low phosphorus and low potassium diet. I have been a diabetic for 42 years but in total control for 12+ years with my A1C around 5.1 to 5.5. I’ve decided to quit eating just drinking my required 2 liters of water daily, taking my b.p. meds. Anyone else going through this?

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    I am 3b also. My restrictions are not so intense. I am on 60 grams of protein and low sodium. I hope things get better for you and relax you will be alright. You gotta eat something. Search this website for ideas. Warm regards my friend.


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      Hi. You really do need to eat. Im stage 4 GFR 15. I would seek help from a kidney dietitian and ask for some creative meal ideas. You should not have to suffer with eating clean wholesome food. Getting off the sodium at first is difficult. I know but there are different salt substitutes you can use in your food such as celery, different herbs and spices. It can still be flavorful without the salt and butter. You just need some help learning to use the correct substitutes. Once you have some help with meal planning you will and can enjoy eating again. Your kidney doctor should be able to refer you to a good dietitian that can help you meal plan using good healthy substitutes . Hope this helps. Best wishes.