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Cuts to medicare affects dialysis!!!

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  • Cuts to medicare affects dialysis!!!

    Attention everyone:

    Law makers are making cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and this WILL AFFECT funding for all kidney disease treatments!! I am providing a link for everyone to go on and write to their local representatives to protest against this!! Let's make our voices heard! Ask everyone you know to go on!

    Click on the link above and it should take you to the site. If this does not work then go to

    Feel free to write me if you need help!!



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    Thanks for that Luvena!

    I've been posting on my blog about this issue for a while now. It's REALLY important to us patients because any cuts to providers will eventually take away from us. Even Medicare said this in the proposal. You can read this in my blog coming out tomorrow but in the meantime, I've collect links to places where we can send emails to our Congress members and the Medicare/CMS. See my blog at

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      Hey there Devon,

      I have been working actively in trying to get people to sign and share the Davita Advocacy link to their FB profile page. I just hope that patients who are computer savvy will help, too! I was wondering what do you think about starting a petition for patients who are not computer savvy? I want to start a petition at my unit and then try to spread it around the state and then turn it in to our house reps here.

      Any thoughts?

      Thanks it feels great to have someone else join in on the fight with me.



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        Dear congressman John Lewis, I Emanuel Longino SR. is a DIALYSIS patient. I am extremely concerned about the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposal to slash the Medicare end stage renal disease prodram. Dialysis is my LIFELINE and I rely on Medicare to pay for my treatments three times a week as well as certain drugs. Lab work and other services that keeps me alive.


        Emanuel Longino SR.


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          I emailed my senators and representatives and got responses from all. Two were form letters and one addressed the issue. one out of three is a good response in todays world


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