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    I usually do not post on blog/forums, I learn a lot from reading posts from others that do. I hope this post will help prevent anyone from the same avoidable mistake that I made last night...

    I setup my cycler as usual and loaded the cassette, you know the "routine". Well, I left the machine unattended while it primed the lines, ended up in a debate with my younger brother and it lasted much longer than it should of. So I go to connect still disputing through the door but more importantly I was distracted. I forgot to do 1 thing before connecting and starting the cycle, soon as the cycle started the 1st drain I got a sudden pain in my shoulders. Right away I remembered the PD Nurse telling me what could cause this. Air in the patient line... I'm not sure how much air it was because I was distracted, I know it hurt though. It only lasted until shortly after the 1st fill and was gone as quick as it came. I figured it was very painful but at least the pain was gone so quick. So I went to sleep. 2nd drain starts again the pain, wakes me up. Suddenly it stops again, shortly after starting the 2nd fill. The 3rd 4th and unexpected 5th cycle and final drain, the pain returned. It seemed more intense each time, finally morning so I disconnect. Point I am trying to make is PRIME and check your line. Hell think I will prime it twice just to be sure. My shoulders still hurt, it is strange how the pain comes and goes though. Don't be foolish like me, stay focused while connecting.
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