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What do you want to know about home dialysis?

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    I have felt so much better on home dialysis (I do PD). With in center, I felt more drained and would get very sick after treatment. With home dialysis, I feel more normal. I don't have the ups and downs with it all. I think a lot has to do with doing it every day so it's easier on your body rather than doing it 3 times a week.


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      To reply to artstherapy inquiries, your husband can be evaluate for a transplant if he is in good health. Home hemo is for people that isn't afraid to cannulate (put the needles in their fistula) themselves or have a caregiver that can do that for them. Many is afraid of the needles so they have to do in-center dialysis. It is better to do home hemo in my opinion, my husband does the cannulation himself so I just help him set up and connect the lines to run the treatment and disconnect at the end and cleanup. He works so he run his treatment 4 times a week after he eats dinner and after treatment he is off to bed. Most home patients does 4-5 treatment a week depending on what your nephrologist prescribe based on your lab results. I hope this helps you with whatever option you and your husband decide to go with. Best of luck!


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