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  • Restless legs

    Hubby on PD for one year. During treatment every night, his legs move and shake almost continuously. Anyone have similar restless legs and a solution?

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    Restless Leg Syndrome

    Hi Bebo509
    Great question. Restless legs can be a common complaint for dialysis patients for various reasons. Diabetics tend to have RLS due to their disease process and circulatory deficits. Some dialysis patients experience RLS when their phosphorus levels are not well controlled while others may experience RLS if their potassium levels are off. We also hear patients complain about RLS who are not receiving enough dialysis and may need a change to their dialysis regimen. Some medications can also contribute to RLS. Encourage your husband to discuss his RLS with his Nephrologist and dialysis team and they can review his labs, diet and medications. Hopefully the team can help identify possible causes and work towards speedy improvement and resolution. Good luck and Happy New Year.


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      Awful restless legs from dialysis I went to a neurologist she rx gabapentin it helps as long as I take it before the shaking starts otherwise I suffer for an hour.


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        I had it pretty bad. Hard to describe it but my feet and legs just wanted to move all night and sometimes it made me get up in the middle of the night to walk around. I was taking a medication called Reglan to help with my gastroparesis and when I took it multiple times a day the restless legs would kick in. One 100mg gababentin took care of mine and I cut back on the Reglan too. A lot of medicines can cause it and it can really mess up your sleep.