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  • PD body odor

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but hope someone can help.

    My brother is on PD and in the last few weeks has developed a strong body odor. He's been doing PD for a little over 2 years now and this just started. He's staying with me so I know it isn't because he isn't bathing. Any help/suggestions sure would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    I was on PD for eleven years. My friends say I would sometimes have a chemical smell to me. Most of the time this was in response to someone else, not understanding a smell when I was around. They would say it in such a relaxed way that it never bothered me. The ones I loved knew that I was sick and that at times I might smell a bit strange. I am not sure that his smell is the same as mine was. Even now while I am on Hemo I still have a certain odor to me, my partner says. He says it just smells like me and he loves me. I guess I am lucky or something. So, yes dialysis patients can have a certain odor to them. I am not sure what it is like though cause I am the patient.


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      My husband does hemo, but he definitely has an odor.
      His is more of a breath odor which I assume comes from toxins
      in his system. It is worse after we skip a day.


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        I've been told that I have an odor too. I think mine is more my breath unless I don't shower one day hehe! I guess it is most dialysis patients. I don't smell it either! lol
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          Ask your doctor what the odor could be. My doctor told me my smell was the urea.

          Darryl Murphy


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            After being a tech and now a patient my bet would be urea too. Almost every patient I ever dealt with had that smell on then. Some a little, some crazy strong. It sucks.


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              This is for PD mostly

              I have been on CAPD for almost 5 years and I have only experienced the body odor once and that is when I was being treated for peritonitis. The smell was coming from the catheter area and could have been the result of either the infection, the medications or both. Please advise the patient to be certain to clean the catheter exit area thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water on a daily basis and apply any special ointments or cremes as prescribed by their physician or PD Nurse. In addition, if the patient is covering the exit cite it may be a good idea to remove the dressing and allow the area to "breathe".

              Good hygiene not only has obvious physical benefits but psychological as well. Advise the patient to shower and bath. It is ok (of course unless otherwise advised by a healthcare professional) to also allow the exit site to be cleaned during showers etc.

              Otherwise, one finaly possibility that I can note is that the patient may not be getting adequate dialysis. When this happens the healthcare provider should recommend changes to either the amount of dialysate used or the frequency of the exchanges. If the patient is on hemo that may not be as easy as to my knowledge hemo patients only go in for treatment every other day with one day off. In these cases I have no opinion and can only assume the odor is from residual toxins making their way through the pores.

              I hope this helps!!


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                Most of the time this was in response to someone else, not understanding a smell when I was around. They would say it in such a relaxed way that it never bothered me. Concrete Walls