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Longevity on dialysis

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  • Longevity on dialysis

    I’m so thankful for home dialysis! I’ve been on Hemo dialysis for 28 years since my 2nd transplant stopped working, the last 15 years at home! I have far outlived my life expectancy as a dialysis patient. I’m thankful for God’s sustaining grace and for my wife’s love and support..
    Does anyone else have experience with long term Hemo dialysis? I’d like to hear about it.
    Another great blessing is that my fistula is 45 years old and stil working well! I’ve had a couple of small revisions, but never any major issues. God has been so good to me!
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    wow ty for sharing. all i think about is how long do i have? life expectancy is 5-10 years, im only on year 3. your an inspiration.


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      Great! Eat well, stay active as you can, and enjoy life. I give thanks to God for sustaining my life.