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Changing from home PD to Home HD

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  • Changing from home PD to Home HD

    Hello. I'm looking into switching from home PD to home HD. Could you please share your experience with home HD. Many thanks.

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    I started home HD after completing HHD training around Labor Day 2012. Prior to commencing home treatments, I had hard plumbed water and drain lines in our planned "dialysis room" after receiving specifications for the NxStage Pureflow SL water and drain line tubing. We knew we were in for the long haul and did not want to run water and drain lines across our hallway to the bathroom. The actual plumbing work took place in January 2012, well in advance of start of home treatments in September 2012.

    We repurposed shelving in the dialysis room for all treatment supplies to range from two weeks to a month's worth of supplies, e.g. needles, gauze, alcohol pads, band aids, saline, NxStage cartridges and SAK's.

    Planning for treatment supply disposal is especially important with a partial bag of treatment refuse, a sharps container for used needles and a modest sized kitchen lidded garbage can to store used cartridges (rolled up for space) and the treatment supply trash bag (the cartridge bag). My care partner/spouse rolls up the used treatment cartridge along with the treatment supply refuse bag and places them into the garbage can in the room, which will accommodate the refuse of up to 6 treatments.

    We use basement shelving to store bulk treatment supplies, cartridges, SAK's (to produce dialysate in 60L batches in the NxStage Pureflow SL), PAK's (water filtration for the PureFlow SL) and cases of premixed dialysate in 5L bags as back ups to the PureFlow SL.

    I can further provide the PowerPoint presentation that I gave at the National Kidney Foundation's Dialysis Symposium in Madison, WI in November 2017 on "Removing Waste & Variation from Home Hemodialysis Treatments" to provide images of the HHD treatment steps and the supplies and equipment I use. I am unable to attach the file owed to its size exceeding the limits of the "Upload Attachments" capability of the DaVita Forum Posts. You will have to message me and provide an email address to receive the presentation.


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