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how do you dispose of your boxes

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  • how do you dispose of your boxes

    after doing this for a while i find the waste home dialysis creates builds up quickly. how are you all disposing of your trash and boxes? is your trash can always overflowing?

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    I have a separate can for dialysis and I break down and recycle the boxes.


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      The heavy duty boxes that dialysate bags come in, I sell them on Facebook Marketplace for 50 cents each. When someone comes and buys a bunch (I've sold 60 at a time a couple of times) I give them any other boxes they want (cartridges, line sets etc) for nothing.


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        Our city won't recycle the cardboard boxes the solution comes in, even though solution is double-bagged. We give them to friends who need them, or my dad comes down once a month and takes them to use around the house.


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          As for the solution bags and drain bags, we're just doing our part to slowly kill the environment with all of the plastic, sadly. It makes me sad there aren't better, more environmentally friendly ways to do this.


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            our city does take cardboard for recycling. we cut them up and either take them to recycling center or put in the recycling bin they pick up once a week. also give them to friends who are moving.


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              We just break down the boxes & place them in our apt community's recycling dumpster... We also have a separate trashcan for dialysis trash... That trashcan is dumped weekly...


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