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Need to gain weight on PD

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  • Need to gain weight on PD

    Along with being new to PD, I lost weight when I started with hemo, waiting for the PD catheter to heal. Now I'm perilously low and lose with PD whatever I can gain each day. With diet and fluid restrictions, I'm struggling to get in 1800 calories and enough protein each day. Besides more Nepro, any suggestions for a weight gain diet?

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    When I needed to gain weight, about 10lbs, I struggled to gain weight and my dietician didn't really have a lot of experience with helping people GAIN. I turned to higher-fat, but healthier alternatives. If potassium is not an issue for you, and you like them, eat avocados- full of healthy fats. Use oils like extra virgin olive oil in cooking. Eggs, eggs, eggs. I also started using 2% milk for cereal and just to drink in a small glass. I also suggest talking to your doctor about possibly easing restrictions since you're on PD. My doctor eased my restrictions when I needed to gain because I do PD every night so she felt I was going to pull the fluid and toxins nightly rather than just the 3 days/wk like on hemo. I suggest asking your doctor if easing restrictions might be an option. Just tell him/her of your struggles and hopefully they can work with you on this. Please note, this just comes from my experience over the last five years; I am not a dietician or anything.


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