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2 years of living with dialysis at home

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  • 2 years of living with dialysis at home

    Hi I no I don't come hear often I'm a 47 year old woman and I am proud to say Im a mother 3 adults and 4 granchildren im am an aunti the Lord has really took good care of me for a long time I am so greaful to be alive. Living with dialysis is not easy mostly when u have babies running alover the place needed gramas help. But I get along. Being home while u sleep as u do dialysis is much better for I can go and do things during the hole day not worring that I have to go to a clinic and sit 4 hrs the total of 8 hrs. With home dialysis I connect before going to sleep. This is the way my life is everyday. Don't lose hope I no its hard for some of u to cope with all this but think that u will better and things will be OK just have faith and believe in the miracles of or God. Be safe

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    Thank you for your posting. My husband is on the cycler. Just been doing that for about a month now. Only in dialysis for about 2 yrs. He has to do a manual PD dialysis once a day, then hooks up at night. I'm scared for him and myself. Does it make you feel better? Husband likes not having to be stuck with needles anymore but he gets very tired after the manual treatment each day and sleeps several hours after. He's diabetic which is why his kidneys failed. Any information on how you think it makes you feel is helpful to me and my mind. Thanks


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      I've been on PD for a year now and feel so much better than I did when I was doing hemo in center. I'm not sure why he gets so tired after the manual. maybe with all that extra fluid it's taking him more effort getting around. I didn't enjoy having to do the manual before I got my cycler as I didn't like having to walk around with all that fluid making me feel bloated. It's just been nice hooking up when I go to bed, unhooking in the morning and going about my day. I work full time and it gives me more freedom for work and I get to actually enjoy my weekends. I have more energy to do things and for the most part, feel consistently good from day to day.


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        Thank you for sharing - I have been struggling emotionally with PD and have been doing it for about 6 months now it feels like an eternity. I hate it all so much it?s so hard for me to be positive. It will be another year before I can be put on the transplant list because I was recently diagnosed in remission from metastatic bladder cancer (which caused a tumor in my transplanted kidney and required that kidney to be removed, requiring me to be put on dialysis. I was doing it in the center for a year before starting PD and I hated that even more. I pray all the time and try to meditate too but feel SO ALONE. Thank you for what you?ve written, because you?ve made me feel less alone and in fact hopeful. God bless you all


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          Also, please know I AM SO GRATEFUL that God has cured me from the cancer!!! Maybe I need to make my gratitude the focus of my day instead of this machine. Thank you again.