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NxStage the only option for home treatments with DaVita?????

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  • NxStage the only option for home treatments with DaVita?????

    Does DaVita offer any other machine for home dialysis besides NxStage? Do they get kickbacks or ?? or have contract with NxStage to only offer their machines for home dialysis? I am wanting to use the standard K or even the T machine but every clinic I've spoken with EXCLUSIVELY offers NxStage. Is there a reason a clinic can refuse to allow me to use any other HEMO machine? Don't they have to exhaust resources to accomodate?

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    Hi, zionsgate1. Thank you for posting your questions. We’re committed to providing patients with a safe and therapeutic dialyzing experience, whether that is in center or at home. There is no prohibition on use of FMC equipment - and kickbacks like you mentioned would violate Federal Anti-Kickback Statute and would be illegal. We encourage you to contact your local home dialysis team directly with your questions so that your local dialysis team can do their best to address your concerns. However, please know that the decisions on what equipment is used is based on many factors. Thank you for your comment and questions.


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      Thank you Michelle for your response. I didn't even recall writing this question. I was wanting to go to a closer clinic, dr but they were and are DaVita. I have no desire to use NxStage as I prefer the larger standard machines but DaVita does not offer them. I've called dozens of DaVita clinics regarding machine type and they all offer *only* NxStage for home hemo. I was informed recently that the clinic is legally required to evaluate my needs and offer/find the machine to best meet my individual needs. Does DaVita actually follow through on this? Is there any way to find out the % of off label machine use in all of the DaVita clinics nationwide just as a comparison to verify its veracity? Thank you kindly & Blessings