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Baxter Amia - Recent Chronic Cassette Failures

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  • Baxter Amia - Recent Chronic Cassette Failures

    I've been on home dialysis since Jan 2021 (16 months now). Everything has been going well until Jan 2022. Since Jan 1, 2022 I have gotten 13 cassette failures; four during the initial cassette test and nine during the priming cycle.

    Baxter Tech support insists it's my setup but I'm not buying this as nothing in the way of my setup has changed since I started PD. It's not so much the frustration in having to break down and setup the machine again but the waste of solutions; I've been caught short for the past few months.

    The last cassette failure actually had solution dripping out from the bottom of the cycler door.

    Does Baxter have a number other than 800 tech support that I can call?
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    I googled the company and found this number 224-948-1840 Im not sure if you'll get any further but I hope it helps


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      You and I both agree. This article is really motivating. I like your article, and everything you provide with us is up to date and quite educational. I want to save this website so I can come back and tell you how well you did your work. fnf


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        As of 11/14/22 I now have had a total of 28 cassette failures during the priming cycle. Fault Codes are always 20643.

        In June 2022, I noted that the boxes were all delivered by UPS and the cassettes that have failed are on the bottom two rows of the box.

        In September 2022, the cassettes were delivered with my solutions, etc. by Baxter. Failures had (temporarily) stopped.

        On November 1, I had a cassette failure. Again, cassette from the bottom of the box.

        Two more failures on consecutive days, November 13 and 14. These two cassettes were on the bottom row, but on top of the middle partition.

        So far, other than, "it's my setup", no resolution.


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          Cassette failures had become an every evening occurrence. I observed the last three failures which would occur 1-2 minutes before the priming cycle would end and after the patient line was filled. Tearing down and re-doing the set up would result in a faultless priming cycle.

          Passing this observational information to tech support, the conclusion was that something was wrong with my cycler; the cycler was erroneously setting a false error.

          Information on how Baxter handles the replacement - a new cycler was ordered for me through tech support, but being the Thanksgiving weekend, I doubt I will see it before Monday. The cycler had already been scheduled on a flight to the distribution center. Once received there and scheduled for delivery by truck, I should get a delivery day and time window.

          When the cycler is delivered, the driver will pick up the old cycler (less cords, and modem).

          If any of you are going to need a replacement cycler, contact your clinic and ask for the activation code ASAP. You will need this to get the new cycler up and running.

          Any replacement solutions need to be ordered through Customer Service.