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Low drain alarms on home choice cycler

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  • Low drain alarms on home choice cycler

    My husband continues to experience low drain volume alarms on his home choice cycler. His lost dwell time is normally over an hour as a result. He has 1-2 bowl movements every day and we put heparin in the heater bag every night. If he sits completely upright, the alarms go away but hard to sleep that way! Any suggestions?

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    I also have problems with low volume alarms. I saw a post on here yesterday about this problem and they said they raised the machine and the problem went away. I raised my machine up 4 " and I had no alarms last night, but that does not prove that this fixed the problem. After a few weeks I will post again if this has really helped the problem. My machine is about 4" higher than my bed.


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      My husband, who has been on home PD since May 2018, has been having issues with the low drain volume alarms and lost dwell time as well. I am going to try the raising of the cycler. Is 4" the rule of thumb, meaning is that the height that has been found to be the "magic" height, or a suggestion from medical people? We were also told by, dialysis Nurse, not to use heparin more than 3 days in 7. It is a relief to hear that we are not the only ones having difficulties with these issues. Hope we all can resolve our issues with patience and a little help. Thanks


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