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    My spouse elected to do in center dialysis. We like to travel but with 3X a week how would we be able to travel? I know we can fly but how can we travel to several locations - is it possible to spend a day or two in one place, a few days in another etc? Since we are retired we have been accustomed to going someplace at the drop of a hat & that seems to be a thing of the past. Also has anyone traveled internationally & on dialysis? Has anyone gone with a tour group & how does that work?

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    My spouse and I travel regularly to the Midwest and Hawaii. You have to plan about a month ahead or more: We pick out dates and I use the 'Find a Dialysis Center' tool on to get an idea of where I want to stay. Then I Call DaVita Guest Services at 1-800-244-0680 and ask for reservations at the dialysis center. They will take down the dates and locations that you have planned and will give you a Reference or Confirmation Number. You will hear back from DaVita guest services about a week before your trip with what center you have a reservation with - they don't give you the days or times. The Saturday or Monday of the week you do dialysis on your trip, you will get a call from the center with you days and times. I have always gotten a seat on my regular days. The times are almost always around 5pm.

    Once I have called DaVita and have that Reference Number, I setup airline and hotel reservations for the trip. The planned dialysis requires flexibility in planning but it always seems to work out rather smoothly.

    When we road trip, the approach to planning is the same except that I never do dialysis in the same center twice. We just plan on spending a day and night near the center that I do dialysis. I have had to change dialysis centers mid-trip. A call to DaVita and they take care of changes for dialysis.

    I cannot travel internationally, so I haven't tried. We did try going with a tour group. I didn't work. We ended up dropping out of the group on the first dialysis day and renting a car for the duration of the trip. We were told the group would do excursions while I went to dialysis. That didn't happen: the group went on to the next destination. You can find tours where everyone is on dialysis. You can also go on cruises where they provide dialysis on the ship.

    Post again on this thread with questions. I will answer them if I can.

    I also posted in a previous forum about a trip I took to Hawaii. I will see if I can dig that up and post it here.


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