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Dogs and PD

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  • Dogs and PD

    Hello all, I've been on PD for almost a year and am thinking about getting a dog. I had a dog when I started. He was older, so I knew him well and that he could be trusted to not be a problem. He never was. Unfortunately, age catches up to all of us and he passed away last September. I'm about ready for a new furry companion and want to hear from people who have brought new pets into their homes after starting PD. A friend suggested a service dog. I hadn't considered that, and was just going to rescue one from a shelter. I intend to talk to my social worker and possibly my former vet about it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Well, what issue do you have that would require a service dog?


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      I don't think I do. It was suggested to me. My biggest concern is training a new dog not to chew on the lines or bags. I would like to hear from people who either had a dog when they started or got one after, and how they dealt with it.


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        I began PD about a month ago and we have ten miniature dachshunds that range from a year old to 15. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much they could care less about my supplies, tubing, etc.


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          Thanks for the reply Teresa. I'm probably overthinking it. I'm not getting a puppy. I was thinking that I would get a dog that's 2 years old or more. If it doesn't smell like food, he or she probably won't care.


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