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Just not a good day - need to vent!

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  • Just not a good day - need to vent!

    Today is just not a good day. My husband has been on PD for about 1.5 years now. All of a sudden there is this "odor" - you know the "sick" ordor. Where does that come from? He deals with chronic vomitting. Sometimes its not that bad, other days its really bad. He's been hospitalized a number of times for it. Various meds. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't! I am convinced that the very thing that is keeping him alive is also killing him!

    I have a crazy hectic, yet flexible job that I love and would definitely not be able to be a good caregiver if they did not support my "work from home" days. And of course, what is the alternative to no dialysis!! I wouldn't trade it!!!!!! Today, I am just tired and overwhelmed and have work deadlines that I am missing. Thanks for your ear. I best get back to work.

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    All I can say is that your husband is so lucky to have you! I am just starting dialysis, so I cannot really comment on PD from first hand experience, but I CAN say that you are right; there are no alternatives for those of us on it an waiting for transplants...

    I too get sick almost every day. I work full time as well, so I have to carry my toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. with me at all times. As crazy as it sounds, applying deodorant throughout the day and keeping the body mositerized helps A LOT to avoid that "sick" smell.

    It sounds like you have a very understanding employer and that is so very important for both of you. You did the right thing by reaching out on this forum and I am sure others with loads more PD experience than me can offer even better advice.

    Keep strong and remember to take of yourself too!!!!


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      PD has been great for me. I can eat almost anything I want. Exercise, eat right: Watch that portion control! Too many people, expecially americans, eat too big of a meal. Tree Chipper


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        I too get sick almost every day. The Local Observer