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  • Home Nocturnal with NxStage

    Does anyone find it upsetting that DaVita does not currently offer Home Nocturnal on NxStage?
    Also, Extended at home with NxStage in many cases.

    In my opinion, It should be up to you and your nephrologist and the nephrologist should be able to write a prescription to do extended or nocturnal at home with NxStage.

    Do you think there is a reason other than NxStage is not FDA approved as of yet for nocturnal use ? As you know they are FDA approved for home short daily use.
    Also, where does Short Daily turn into Extended? DaVita says they will not offer many patients Extended...but what exactly is Extended? As in the point of short daily turning into extended......

    What is everyone's opinion?

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    3 Transplants
    In-Center Hemo - 6 Months
    NxStage - Since April - 06
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    Re: Home Nocturnal with NxStage

    The problem with all HEMOdialysis is that, since you are attached to the blood system, your home provider MUST be awake at all times. A ruptured tube could cause you to bleed to death in less than 10 minutes.


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      Re: Home Nocturnal with NxStage

      Is that why nxstage is not more popular than PD. Is it more risky? So far I do not seem to be able to find the answers. I realize that more people seem to be on PD. Since my husband has not started HD yet I am exploring all possibliities. With my limited knowledge I seem to be drawn to nxstage, however as I said (limited knowledge) it seems that PD is the more poplular choice for Home Hemo. I must be missing somthing regarding nxstage. Any information would be appreciated. Good luck to all.