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peritonial dialysis with hernia

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    Hernia on PD

    Hi Neil

    I am a PD RN with DaVita. Some Nephrologists will "rest the abdomen" during the day leaving patient empty or close to empty. This helps to decrease the pressure in the abdomen and depending on location of hernia this may allow for patient to continue on PD. Another approach can be a temporary change to the dialysis regimen so the patient is performing dialysis at night on cycler and stays empty during day until surgery can be performed. Some hernias require surgical repair while others may not, again this is something that the Nephrologist and surgeon will decide typically after a surgical consult has been performed. If a surgical repair is performed some patients can continue on a modified regimen of PD during the healing period while others may require temporary hemodialysis during the healing period. Your dialysis team should be able to help you and your father with the best plan. Good luck and thank you for your question. Happy New Year.


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      If someone with polysistic kidney disease can they doPD


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        I have never experienced a hernia. Go with what Dr suggests. The Local Observer