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Problems with PD dialysis

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  • Problems with PD dialysis

    Hello everyone:
    I'm Sherry... my husband is now on PD dialysis. He is in ESKD or 5th stage. Was on hemo dialysis for a year at DaVita, now has been doing PD for 9 months. He also has other health issues. Being a diabetic since the late 70's has lead to kidney failure. Since going on PD dialysis, he seems to have gotten worse in some aspects. He had problems with acute diarrhea before PD but since doing PD it's so bad that he can't make it to the bathroom in time. One night I was shampooing carpet at 11:30pm. (After researching how PD worked before he went on it, I had decided it would not be a good choice for him) but his life, his decision. I do my best, he can still drive, take care of the bills, things like that. Doctor's are testing now to try to figure out what is going on with him and the chronic diarrhea. Tests so far, no infections, echocardiogram was good so there isn't any heart failure going on. More test to come, like colonoscopy. Too many Heath issues to count.... I was wondering if any other care givers have ran into the chronic diarrhea like my husband is having.... frustrated having to clean up crappy messes almost every day of the week, and this has been going on ever since he went on PD. He also spends a lot of time in the bed, is weak, and has started getting nauseous. Sometimes I feel like I can't go on. Can't find a support group around here anywhere, not even through DaVita. Would love to talk face to face with people too.
    Thanks for listening,
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  • #2 is an awesome site for caregivers. A lot of support. Hope this helps.


    • #3 If you type that into the bar it should get you there. I don't know how to cut and paste with this new ttablet yet, sorry


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        I am recently in training for Peritoneal Dialysis however, having pain when draining. Would anyone know why such pain in the groin area. Please let me know.


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          During the transition from hemo to PD, I too, had chronic diarrhea. I attributed it to having my gall bladder being removed during the transition. My surgeon recommended a bowel binder and it has greatly reduced the number of times/day that I need the bathroom. You have to experiment to get the right dosage, but I am now able to take day trips and play an afternoon of bridge which I couldn't do before. Speak to your doctor about a binder--it could help, if not alleviate the problem.


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