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Overwhelmed Taking Care of My Wife.

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  • Overwhelmed Taking Care of My Wife.

    Needing suport from other caregivers helping their spouse on home hemodialysis.

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    Gary hello my name is Bonnie. My husband is on hemodialysis after being on PD for 61/2 years. I am his caregiver and totally understand how overwhelming it can be. I felt like I needed a caregiver support group to help me find others who would understand. I searched for 5 years to no avail. Finally when I felt I was at my breaking point I decided to start a group on my own. I now have a clinical educator helping me with the education end of it and I feel so much less stress. Find yourself some kind of support group or many start your own. You won't believe what a difference it makes to know you aren't alone in this. Many more feel the same way you do. Reach out for help. It wasn't easy for me but I'm glad I did.


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      What do you have to do to be a caregiver


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        i am on PD and my husband wants to be my caregiver


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 This might be good for you if someone can sit with your wife. Being with others who are dealing with some of the same things will be great support for you. When you find the one in your area call them and perhaps they can recommend someone to sit with your wife. The classes are free. Also contact Meals ON Wheels for Kidney Diet in your area I am sure they will provide meals for your wife and that would be a huge help. Take care.