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Draining and filtrating properly; filling slowly

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  • Draining and filtrating properly; filling slowly

    I am filling using 1.5% fluid (3000 ml x 4/ day.) Draining is fine, no problems, I am taking off plenty of fluid and my labs look good. Filling is slow for some reason and I usually have to squeeze the bag to move things along. Could the temperature of the fluid be an issue? I keep the bags stored in a dry place, but they are stored around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Any possible remedies, or suggestions on how to speed up the filling process? I used to fill in less than ten to fifteen minutes as recently as a week ago, but suddenly the past few days it has been slower. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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    * Follow up:
    Well, I filled up, warmed the bag to about 85 degrees and the problem seems to have resolved itself. I filled in less than 10 minutes. I?m capping off now. I think it really had something to do with fluid temp. Most of the time I heat the bags, but not every time. No fibrin is present and I feel fine.


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      Get well soon.