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Question about PD (starting to get a little desperate)

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  • Question about PD (starting to get a little desperate)

    So I have been doing PD for about 3 and 1/2 years now and by and large and doing great. I just have one annoying issue with it that I havnt been able to fix or work around, just delay but time it seems is almost out. So I figured I would hop on here and see if anybody else has figured out an effective way to deal. here is it, when I drain (I have to drain into an open drain because my program is massive I'm using 20+ liters of fluid a night on the cycler, the Amia to be specific) it causes a buildup of an almost fleshy substance to build up around the pipe. For a while I was able to use draino and scrape it all off but the pipe in my bathroom sink must have a massive growth of the stuff farther down than where I can reach and now it barly drains.

    ​So naturally I started hooking the drain line up to the bathtub which I never use seemed perfect, right? Nope. Now my bathtub hardly drains because of the massive flesh like buildup in the drain and to make matters worse because of the drain stopper (which is connected to the drain) I cant even get in there physically to break up the stuff that I can see. so now my bathtub literally looks (and smells) like the scene from a horror movie so I am hopeing someone on here has found a way to desolve this buildup. maybe some chemical mixture? I used a gallon of liquid plumber and another of draino over a half dozen cycles and it didn't make any difference.

    Anybody have any Ideas?

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    I am the caregiver for my wife and have seen a similar issue with the build up in the sink drain. I tried the drano and found it to be not very effective. One afternoon I disassembled the trap under that sink and found no blockage in any of the PVC pipes under the sink. The blockage was all in the metal part of the drain especially around where the shut off lever came into the sink drain pipe. It appears the coagulated residue sticks to the metal and not to the PVC pipes. I went to WalMart and bought a Cobra single use Zip-It tool (about 3 dollars) and have been successfully using it for almost four years now. The tool is a plastic strip with reverse pointed apertures on it and easily is put down the drain with the stopper still mounted in the sink drain. I just put it down numerous times around the stopper and with the water running the drain is normally unblocked within a couple minutes. The effluent from the dialysis solution attacks metal and that is what lets it stick to the pipe. I hope this works for you as I now do it every time I see the drain slow down. As I said, no more blockage in right at four years with doing this every other month normally.. A word of caution, don't do it with the drano being used as the caustic nature of drano could get on your skin and it does burn. Would be especially critical if it got in your eyes.
    Hope this helps you clear your issue



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      Thanks for the info Jim, it may be what I need but I'm not sure the only concern I have is the metal drain stopper in my bathtub is the metal crossed bars style that's allways in the way as in there is no way I can remove it which makes my old method of scraping out everything I can see with a plastic knife unuseable. Ill have to head down to Walmart to see just how big this zip it tool is. Thank you again for the suggestion.


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        Try “Drain Gel” should be sold online


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          Can you drain into the toilet? I use drain bags now, but used to drain into toilet instead of sink.


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