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Last meal of day before P.D

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    I have been on PD for about a year and a half. I was on Henmo for 2 years prior. I eat a snack right after I hook up, usually a piece of fruit of some kind. I never feel bloated but I always sleep at an angle to make sure I get full drains. I eat 2 good meals per day and 2 snacks. I also watch my lab results online to make sure i am following the diet plan. I never eat yogurt or dairy-based items to keep the phosphorus down. I hook up around 7 pm at night to be finished around 4. That way I can clamp off and sleep a few hours anyway I like.If you do a manual in the day I would watch to see if it is extremely large and could not be draining good each time on the cycler


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      you all do know thar you must limit your sugar content in your meals just before pd or it wont work.


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        Agree! My eating schedule has had to change, somewhat. Certainly can’t eat the way I used to or what I used to. And can’t eat to close to start of treatment, at night. Almost feels like my food is just sitting there.


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          I am the caretaker for my 82 year old husband, who was diagnosed with CKD about 16 years ago. His GFR is currently at 11. I diligently calculate the nutrients in his diet, and he has an excellent appetite, feels well, and has no symptoms except some fatigue. We think his fatigue and shortness of breath on exertion is due to his long-standing, quite advanced COPD. He occasionally uses oxygen during the day for a while, and off and on during the night. He urinates fine and has no swelling. His nephrologist has said when his GFR reaches 10, he will probably need to go on dialysis. Our plan is for manual PD, but we were unaware of these difficulties as detailed here. Since he has lost most of his vision, his meals are one of his major pleasures. I am a good cook, and I serve tasty, healthy meals. We eat twice a day, a big breakfast and a fairly big supper. At present, the nutritional limits we are using are 70-80 mg. protein, 2000 mg. sodium, 1500 mg. potassium, and 1000 mg. phosphorus. On manual PD, will we have to expect these problems of decreased appetite due to fullness, n/v, etc., or is that just on the cycler?


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