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  • Exercise

    I am on PD and try to exercises 15-30!monutes per day.
    Can anyone suggest abs exercise that will not cause any issues on PD

    THANKS in advance for your input.


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    RIchard: I do exercise 15-30 minutes a day also but best to ask a Physical Therapist if you can do ab exercises. I do other resistance/ weight machines that help other muscle groups, but at a low level and experience no problems.

    Hope this answers your question

    from another Richard


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      I go to silver sneakers program at ymca and we sit in a chair and put ball behind back directly behind belly button and try to push against ball using just stomach muscles.


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        Planks are good for the abs, and I read that after the PD catheter placement is healed, they help prevent hernia.
        I didn't do any ab exercises until about 3 or 4 months after my catheter was inserted, because I was worried about a hernia. Now I do various total gym exercises, as well as planks. I also walk 45 min a day.