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    Any Moderators Out There?

    I was reading this thread and suddenly this 'review' appeared. I had no idea what it was especially considering this "erica" person seemed like a familiar name on the forum.

    Thanks for the heads-up, ChefNancy, that it is spam. I hope the moderators are listening!


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      you people are inspirational to alot of others keep it up

      Im not on dialysis but will be one of these days (probably) My gfr is 26 crea 2.7 my question is if you dont stay on a good diet what will happen, do you get sick I am a diabetic also for 34 yrs just got pump how much can you drink on dialysis 'What is phosphours Cant spell sorry So many questions this is just the start. I have been sitting at computer listening to you folks and I will say I have learnt alot about ckd please if you can answer a few of my questions it would help Thank You
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        Staying on a good renal diet that limits protein, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium will prolong dialysis. When you are on dialysis, fluid intake is usually limited to around 40 ounces per day. You can find great information on this at

        Good luck.
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          Hi - I'm new to this site

          I have polycistic kidney disease and am scheduled to see a vascular surgeon on the 13th for a consult to have a fistula implanted. My nephrologist wants me to have it in now so it'll mature before I need it.

          My mother was on dialysis back in the 60's. She was a pioneer in kidney care. I found some letters from the mid 60's she had written talking about the doc's giving her salt pills to keep her in control. She had a transplant in 1968 and died in 1969 from cancer.

          I have been approved for transplant, but only if I have surgery first and have both kidneys removed.

          I have been doing genealogy and after researching family medical info., I find cancer runs in my family on my dad's side strongly.

          Call me chicken, but I'm thinking more and more about just doing dialysis and not messing with the transplant. I'd love to hear from anyone on dialysis and hear what they think. Thanks.


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            Brandy, go to the kidney school site as Flip suggests. It is a great site and will answer lots of your questions. It will also give you a basis for asking others. Come back to this site often and we will try to help you. Phosphorous is a chemical in food which plays a complex role in the formation and retention of bone. Because people with CKD cannot get rid of phosphorous normally, we generally have to take medicines called phosphorous binders to help keep things in balance. Phosphorous exists to some degree in all foods but the levels are highest in whole grains, dairy products, legumes, soy, and commercial baked goods.
            Dkerr, a transplant is just another sort of treatment for kidney disease. Some people are not able to have a transplant for one reason or another and others choose not to have one, also for a variety of reasons. If cancer runs strongly in your family, I would consult with an oncologist before deciding whether or not to have a transplant. It is possible to do fine on dialysis without a transplant. It is just that the transplant, at least for as long as it lasts, gives you more freedom and more closely approximates the function of your native kidneys. However, cancer is a risk from some of the immunosuppresant medications that one has to take after a transplant. That is why I suggested consulting with an oncologist.
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              Thanks for responding.


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                Originally posted by rbritton View Post
                Hi everyone,
                I have so many questions and I feel very frustrated with the info from the docs. I had 5 cm staghorn struvite kidney stone that was blown to a million peices about 5 years ago and since then it's been constant infections and diagnosis of renal failure. I did pas several of the pieces and there are more, but they are bigger and may stay put.My creatinine was 2.1 and b.u.n. 42. The doctor today--urologist says kidney function is 42 and 51 percent, staying stable, but the neph says stage 3 kidney failure. I am exhausted by 3 in the afternoon and have other symptoms as well. Like I am losing weight all the time.The urologist wants to leave me on low dose cipro all the time, but the neph says that could mask other things. I realize that compared to most of you I am just a whiner, but maybe someone has been where I am and can give me some guidance. By the way I'm 67Exhausted
                I found out that my kidneys were not filtering out the meds I was on so I was vitually overdosing every day. See if your Doc or Doc's can review your meds and take into account that your kidneys are not at 100% and maybe modify your meds and dosages.

                It worked for me and made me feel 200% better, no more tired grouchy Frank
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