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Human Dignity first ! Thank you Davita Florida Renal

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  • Human Dignity first ! Thank you Davita Florida Renal

    I returned to Davita Florida Renal because of their tean’s cohesive/professional dedication, but more importantly, because of their Human touch. Now that i’ve been for over 1.5yrs in Dialysis I learned the hard way how quickly our dignity and consideration as respected human beings goes down the drain, especially thanks to medical professionals whom have lost their way and henceforth became desinsitized as well as cruelly cynic. Davita Florida Renal is an OASIS within an ocean of frank inhumanity.
    Allow me to share with you all the most recent Wall of Fame at our center’s main entrance. It is true and true, meaning it was not made as an obligation or with a false sense of “customer / patient service”. Quite the contrary, it is filled with the sincerity of our human condition.

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    This is great, thank you for sharing!