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Dry Skin on dialysis arm

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  • Dry Skin on dialysis arm

    I had an AV fistula put in on December 30, 2020. I am currently 70 yrs old, so my skin is already on the dry side, but has become worse since the fistula was put in. My skin is very thin, and very dry. I am looking for ideas on what to use to hydrate my skin on this arm. I need a lotion that is very thin, so that it will be easy to spread and apply. Thicker lotions seem to be hard on my thin skin in this area, putting too much pressure on the skin. I am worried about causing harm to the fistula/veins if the lotion is too thick and hard to spread. I also do not want any lotion I use to be oily/greasy. Does anyone else experience the dry skin and have ideas?

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    Is your dialysis going good ?


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      Your dialysis treatment removes extra water from your body, and your limited fluid intake between treatments cause dry skin and trigger itchiness. This will also leads into fistula. To avoid dry skin issue, better to seek doctor advice.