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84 years old with catheter - change to AV fistula surgery NECESSARY?

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  • 84 years old with catheter - change to AV fistula surgery NECESSARY?

    My father is the patient...daughter here posting. Dad started dialysis because of acute kidney failure detected after a fall that broke his hip. Because he hadn't gone to the doctor in 40 years, we're not quite sure if there were any kidney issues before but his creatinine in the hospital was 10+ so dialysis was in order. They placed the catheter and he's been proceeding with dialysis via that. Since then we've moved him to an independent living facility with assistance as he's still working on therapy/rehab to help with hip healing.

    Just when he's gotten into a routine, DaVita sends him home with a sticky note with contact information for the vein mapping center to prepare for AV fistula surgery. Because he HIGHLY relies on his arms to help him move since his legs are still getting stronger and he's a not-hearty 84 years old, we're REALLY wondering the necessity of transitioning from catheter to fistula. His quality of life will tank for at least a short bit with questionable benefits and high risk of issues occuring. Sure, there's the risk of infection with a catheter and the line goes straight to his heart but the fistula surgery will open up an additional hole in his body with a second risk of infection.

    Would love input.
    Would love to hear from anyone who has NOT transitioned to AV fistula.

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    Is dialysis going good for your dad ?


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      I am a new (3.5 months) in-center dialysis patient. I have a catheter in my neck because I tried in home peritoneal dialysis which didn?t work for me and I ended up in the hospital where they put in the catheter. It worked for a few weeks and then had to be replaced. It is becoming a problem again (lots of pressure problems and clogging) so I may need another catheter before my AV fistula can created and healed for use. I am 73 years old and have heart disease, so even though the catheter is less painful, it does restrict showering, I think the fistula will help me for the long run. I hope my perspective helps you and your Dad.