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Fistula surgery and winter driving conditions. Why now?

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  • Fistula surgery and winter driving conditions. Why now?

    Im sitting here thinking i need to put the breaks on.
    ive been on hd for 2 months with a perma cath.
    Now they want to put in a fistula.I had vein mapping earlier this week and
    I have an appointment with a surgeon next week.
    I have a bad feeling about this...
    The timing of it(12/16). Its the holiday season during winter driving conditions in wisconsin.
    I live alone and drive myself to devita. My sister will try to get a day off work
    at her retail job to take me to the surgery. Bad time to get off work in retail.
    Then I'm not sure if i will be a safe driver, in bad weather/icy roads, to devta.
    Navigating with a sore arm. And carrying my bag with blanket into devita.
    I already use a cane for another health issue. I'm debating with myself should I call
    the nephrologist to ask if this can be delayed until after winter. Should I go to the
    appointment with the surgeon and delay there?. During this holiday season with a pandemic
    and winter driving conditions is just asking for failure. Does this have to be done now?

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    I had my fistula done 6 weeks ago and waiting another week or two before we start using it , but it was a simple surgery done with a block that lasted until late that night. Never gave me any trouble and could use my arm the next day with no pain. Yes you will be told not to lift anything heavy for two weeks then you will need a squeeze ball to exercise to build the vein Don't worry simple procedure