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Fistula surgery and winter driving conditions. Why now?

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  • Fistula surgery and winter driving conditions. Why now?

    Im sitting here thinking i need to put the breaks on.
    ive been on hd for 2 months with a perma cath.
    Now they want to put in a fistula.I had vein mapping earlier this week and
    I have an appointment with a surgeon next week.
    I have a bad feeling about this...
    The timing of it(12/16). Its the holiday season during winter driving conditions in wisconsin.
    I live alone and drive myself to devita. My sister will try to get a day off work
    at her retail job to take me to the surgery. Bad time to get off work in retail.
    Then I'm not sure if i will be a safe driver, in bad weather/icy roads, to devta.
    Navigating with a sore arm. And carrying my bag with blanket into devita.
    I already use a cane for another health issue. I'm debating with myself should I call
    the nephrologist to ask if this can be delayed until after winter. Should I go to the
    appointment with the surgeon and delay there?. During this holiday season with a pandemic
    and winter driving conditions is just asking for failure. Does this have to be done now?
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