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  • Nephrectomy?

    I haven't seen this question on any of the boards, but I may have missed it. I'm currently on PD dialysis, working towards getting on the transplant list-long list of pre evaluation testing and a 2 year delay due to former Neph's neglect. Anyway, My kidneys are very large-24.5 cm/25+ on the other (tech said too large to measure) They cause a great deal of discomfort, we have had to reduce fill volume due to there not being enough room and the pressure and other issues it caused. My left kidney causes constant pain, and the two of them combine are causing severe back pain due to all the weight up front (I had a 3 level spine fusion 18 years ago, and this is undoing all the good it did) Dr and I have been discussing nephrectomy, we both agree one will def have to be removed at transplant, but due to all the discomfort and symptoms they are now causing would it be equally as wise to do it now which is in discussion as an option now? There is no gurantee is wont be years before a transplant, but I worry that removing a kidney now might damage my ability to do PD dialysis and then there is the having a major surgery now, and then the transplant later....anyone have any thoughts or experience of a single nephrectomy before transplant?
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