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Can you walk immediately after AV Thigh Graft Placement

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  • Can you walk immediately after AV Thigh Graft Placement

    Can you walk on the leg in which the AV Thigh Graft is place after surgery? Also, is this an outpatient procedure or couple days hospital stay? Just curious my Vascular Surgeon suggested it. Since my left arm AV Graft no longer works. I've had it for 8 years total. Seeing him on 8/7/18 in reference to it. Surgeries make me absolutely nervous and anxious.

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    Replying so I can keep tabs on this thread. I'm considering switching from PD to HHD. My access though would have to be AV thigh- veins in arms won't take a graft. I don't meet with my vascular surgeon until next month to see if she'll even do the AV thigh graft. I don't any more about the surgery, though.


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      I am sure these issues have been resolved, but I did walk immediately after receiving my AV-thigh graft.


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