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    I have ESRD and am on dialysis. I am a senior citizen, but have been encouraged by medical personnel, friends and family to be evaluated for transplant. Told numerous times that age doesn't matter , I recently started the process .
    Age does matter ! If you have Oneg blood , you may not live long enough to get a kidney from a deceased donor. Even if you perfectly match a living donor, no go if
    you have ever had cancer, especially skin cancer. You may die of new cancer due to the immune supressant drugs you must take the rest of your life. There is a 7fold likelihood of skin cancer!
    Now I’m not dumb. I expected some barriers, but I would never have had false hope if I had been better and more truthfully advised.
    My point is: Options information should be realistic. We should all have hope, I still do, but I should have been more proactive about educating myself and asking for clarification on confusing information.
    Keep looking! Never give up! Don’t stop living!

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    FWIW, when my mom (who was a kidney transplant recipient) developed lung cancer, several possible anti-cancer drugs were incompatible with her anti-rejection drugs. She died 3 months later.


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      Considering in home dialysis for my wife. Don?t feel comfortable with getting ( and following thru on training has anyone ever hired someone to come to home and do the procedure?