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getting rid of fistula?

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  • getting rid of fistula?

    I had my fistula created more than 4 years ago. Back then, during less than 6 months, my eGFR went from perfect to stage 4. Then, for a very brief time it went to stage five without causing any problems and then started going up. Very gradually over these 4 years I went from the bottom of stage 4 to the top of stage 4, all that time without dialysis. Now I have pain behind the fistula which is on the inside of my elbow that radiates up and down the arm. My Nephrologist says it is blocked up and useless. To get rid of the pain I have the fistula removed. It this a wise decision?

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    You need to see a vascular surgeon to have it repaired. Find one that has experience with fistula, or go to a vascular access center which specialize in fistula and such stuff. The one I go to is right next door to the dialysis center. Your nephrologist should have referred you to one. If they didn't, I'd find a new kidney doctor.


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      I agree...go to a vascular access surgeon....they might be able to repair. I go for maintenance every 3 months and don’t have problems.


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        I want to maintain my Central Venous Catheter for dialysis access. I have a fistula on the left arm, but have had many problems with it and no longer give permission for it?s use. Are there other dialysis patients who are maintaining their catheter longterm? I know of 1 at my dialysis center.