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Foamy urine - proteinuria or lack of water intake?

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  • Foamy urine - proteinuria or lack of water intake?

    For over 3 years I noticed foamy urine off and on. The first time I noticed I went to doc, did a urine sample test and found small traces of urine by nurse. So I was then sent off to have lots of kindey test:

    BUN-to-creatinine ratio
    Liver Panel
    Thyroid Panel
    ANA Panel

    This was 3 years ago. And recently had the same test done besides ANA, and all were normal again, even dipstick was normal. He said dipsticks do show false positives. The new MICROALBUMIN/CREATININE and MICROALBUMIN, UR, QN was done on 5/22/13 and again was normal. I even made appoinment with kidney doc and it seemed like he laughed me out of office when I showed him my results. He told me not to ever worry about it. Still I want to know why I still keep getting foamy urine when I dont drink water.

    And all were normal. But I still notice lots of bubbles, sometimes it takes less than 2 minutes to go away. It looks foamy. I workout but only drink protein shakes 1-3 a week at most. I'm 31, good

    What I noticed:

    1. When I drink loads of water, I rarely see any bubbles and do not see any foamy appearance
    2. I mainly see foamy appearance in morning
    3. When I sit to pee, I see minimal if any bubbles or foamy appearance
    4. If I hit the side of toilet I do not see anything

    From what I taken, foamy urine is an early sign of kidney damage, proteinuria. However on many forums, many of the responsies to these questions are "GO SEE A DOC, IT'S PROTEIN LEAKING" but all responises are from non medical professionals.

    This is what I read so far:
    "Far and away, foamy urine is not associated with any abnormality of the kidneys. There are some (I am one of them) who think that the foaming is related to a high velocity of concentrated urine flow and therefore is more of a curiosity than a threat to your health." -Newell R. Falkinburg, M.D., FACP -board certified nephrologist

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    Foamy urine is associated with protein spilling into the urine! I am not a Dr. But my nephrologist said it is. Have things changed??


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