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Worst Communication ever During Pandemic +Sever Weather

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  • Worst Communication ever During Pandemic +Sever Weather

    I have not dialize since Friday the 12 of FEB 2021 apparently team members could not get to the clinic yet you set me up at another clinic 1hr and a half away tell me
    im on the list and the system yet I show expecting to get dialyzed yet I was turned away and told I was not on any list or system. This shows how much DAVITA cares
    about the patients all they see are dollar signs they could care less for the well being of any one patient I am going to die because Davita CANT COMMUNICATE
    properly. So who was lying was I or wasn't I on the list, SO UNPREPAIRED VERY UNACCEPTABLE AND SOMEONE SHOULD BE FIRED FOR THIS, as sick as I
    feel I will probably not survive till Friday. Million dollar company and they did nothing to prepare for the well being of there patients. So ANGRY especially after driving
    so far for NOTHING.

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    Hi, this is vey bad. But I hope you finally managed to get help. I really hate this so called pandemic becasue so much attention is paid to the SARS while other conditions are neglected. I personally know people who suffered from delayed medical help because of that.


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